The City of Locust

Locust, North Carolina . . . A City With a Soul
The new Locust Town Center is a place for those who are drawn to the charms of a small town . . . a walkable neighborhood where residents and locals can just hang out and socialize with their friends and neighbors. The structures, roads, and utilities will be new, but they will be designed and built with old values of community and simplicity in mind. It will be a place you will be proud of and to which you can feel a deep sense of belonging. We invite you to learn more about our special town and the benefits it offers visit 

Stanly County School System.
Home of one of the top High Schools in North Carolina

Stanly Regional Medical Center.
Stanly Regional Medical Center to open branch in Locust learn more at

Stanly Community College.
Stanly Community College is dedicated to shaping a better future through education.

Rocky River Vineyards.
There is something magical at Rocky River Vineyards. Maybe it is the wild turkeys foraging between the vines or the geese landing on the pond at dawn, or perhaps it is the graceful elegance of deer that quietly graze in the pasture. It could be the romance of the gurgling creek with a hint of the mountains in the atmosphere. Whatever the reason, the effect of Rocky River Vineyards is mystical with a sense of peacefulness. Visit their website at . . .

The Locust Area.   Click map for large view.

The Metropolitan Area.


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